Where We Give To Help Improve Lives

Apart of Lion Aerospace International Corp (LAI)’s philosophy and purpose is to be able to help improve the lives of other people, both here at home in the United States and internationally.  LAI has partnered with non-profit organizations such as King’s Ransom Foundation, World Vision and Children of Destiny Nicaragua that have that same philosophy, purpose, and goal of bringing hope and improving lives and communities around the world.

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Giving Back To Our Local Community


Lion Aerospace International Corp (LAI) is proud to partner with the University Of West Florida (UWF) to provide internships opportunities that allow the student to gain experience and skills in an international business environment.  LAI Interns have the opportunity of learning what it takes to start a business, acquiring the necessary entrepreneurial skills and important people skills which are often overlooked in the workplace.

These internships are helpful for anyone looking to run a business or practice one day, or even just developing a more marketable “You”.  LAI internships are designed to help equip students with some of the necessary skills for any workplace environment. Our interns are given opportunities that expose them to tasks and projects that allow them to assist in problem-solving.

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