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Competitive Parts Procurement Support

With our extensive resources, we are able to find the most competitive deals in the surplus and overhaul aviation market of parts & engines that allow us to past those saving on to you our customers.

FBO & MRO Maintenance Department Support

Let us assist your FBO & MRO’s maintenance department with locating sometimes difficult to find parts or long times from OEM for your customer’s aircraft.  The last you want is for an aircraft to be AOG because of a part that has a long lead time from the OEM.

Excess Inventory Liquidation

Let LAI help dispose of your excess, redundant, and beyond economical repair “B.E.R.” parts and engines and turn them into cash for you.  With our network of companies and aviation professional in our “Lion Global Alliance” LGA and through the world, we have a more competitive edge to help you get top dollar for excess inventory.

Aircraft We Can Support




HApplicationda (DHC) DHC-6 Twin Otter Commercial
Boeing B727, B737, B767 Commercial
Airbus A320, A321, A319 Commercial
Embraer EMB 120, 145 Commercial
Lockheed C-130, P-3C, F-16 Military
Boeing/MD/Bell F-15, E-767, E-3, V22 Military
Sikorsky UH-60, SH-60 Military
Northrop Grumman E-2 Military


Engines We Can Support






GE CFM-56 CF34 Family CT7, T700 families
Rolls-Royce 501K/501D/T56
Honeywell  APU  APU


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Other Services We Provide As A Certified USA Aircraft Broker

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Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Looking to purchase or sell an aircraft, let Lion Aerospace International and USA Aircraft Brokers with our team of area brokers globally, extensive resources and network help with your aircraft needs, no matter what your requirements may be.  USA Aircraft Brokers has over 20 years of experience and has one of the largest networks of brokers in the USA and abroad than anyone else.

Aircraft Financing

With our network of companies, we can arrange refinancing, leases or purchases from $500,000 to over $200 million international. We will work any type of aircraft, commercial, corporate or personal aircraft including helicopters.

Aircraft Management

Let your aircraft work for you when it is not in use. If your aircraft is not being used all the time, but you still need it. Let LAI help you put your aircraft on an FAA Part 135 charter where it can make you money instead of sitting around.

Aircraft Appraisals

Want to you know the value of your aircraft? We can help you determine the suggested wholesale value, retail value and fair market value for your aircraft.

Co-Operative Ownership

Need to you keep your aircraft, but need to reduce operation and ownership expenses? Let us help by selling co-operative ownership of your aircraft. Co-op ownership is a great way to share operating and ownership expense with others and still have access to aircraft.