USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc.

P: +1 (504) 723-5566
Location: USA & Global
Services & Products:  Aircraft Broker Sales & Acquisitions, Appraisals, Management Programs

JAE Aviation Co.

P: +1 (305) 967-2103
Location: Cooper City, FL USA
Services & Products:  A firm that specializes in capital management, low-cost innovative financing and advisory services in the aerospace market.

 Special Services Corporation

P: +1 (864) 242-3383
Location: Greenville, SC USA
Services & Products:  Aircraft & Fleet Charters & Management Services

Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.-LGA Agent for Nepal

P:  +(977) 1.441.3889
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Services & Products:  A private limited company catering to various governments, private airlines and operators in Nepal for their MRO and spare parts requirements through many of its international associates.

 SkyWarrior, Inc.

P:  +1 (850) 433-6115
Location: Pensacola, FL – Marianna, FL – Bay Minette, AL – Enterprise, AL USA
Services & Products:  Operating on four airports, SkyWarrior’s provide International Flight Training for single and multi-engine flight training.

Avenger Aerospace Solutions, Inc.

P: +1 (864) 232-8073
Location: Greenville, SC USA
Services & Products:  Avenger Aerospace Solutions is a well-rounded organization that can support aerospace engineering, part manufacturing and FAA certification tasks both large and small. From single aircraft repairs up to full Type Certificate programs and everywhere in between, Avenger Aerospace Solutions is the one-stop for all your aircraft repair, design or certification needs.

Kinetic Aviation, Inc.

P: +1 (941) 356-3721
Location:  Bradenton, Florida USA
Services & Products:  Kinetic Aviation specializes in aircraft sales, acquisitions and leases as well as maintenance and support for all of your aviation and aerospace needs. Kinetic Aviation works hard for its valued customers.  We believe here at Kinetic Aviation there are no excuses, only solutions!

TCAS AVIATION (Total Civil Aviation Solutions)

P: +91-8123905252 (India Office)
P: +97-1551030951 (Dubai, UAE Office)
E: [email protected]
Location:  Bangalore, Karnataka, India & Dubai, UAE
Services & Products:  “TCAS AVIATION” (Total Civil Aviation Solutions) is a South India based aviation group providing aviation training and solutions for individuals and/or airlines.  They specialize in Commercial Pilot Training, Heavy Jet Type Ratings, Line Training, Flight Crew Recruitment & Leasing, Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Air Charter Services, Airline Consulting, and Airline Fuel Management Operations.


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