We offer following Aviation Management Services:

  • Assisting in setting up and developing new start-up scheduled cargo & passenger airline in India.
  • Assisting in setting up and developing new start-up scheduled regional airline in India
  • Assisting in setting up and developing new start-up non-scheduled air taxi & air charter operations in India


Aviation Support Services:

  • We will take care of all processes required of for setting up base stations or non-base stations to liaise with AAI for required space approvals, terminals, ramps, parking etc.  We also setup required infrastructure for ticketing, backup office with a qualified team of IT for setup and making arrangements for ground staff, recruitment process etc. and also arrange for GHA for ground support.


Route Development & Funding Projects:

  • To conduct a market survey by following a very uniquely designed checklist that provides a comprehensive view of a potential route for further development.
  • To arrange financial assistance for start-up and existing operators for their expansion of business


Sales and Marketing plan:

  • To make a comprehensive Sales and Marketing plan considering different aspects of the local market by following a suitable market survey checklist to be able to increase the productivity and present strong marketing and suitable plan for company growth.


Identify local, regional & international niche markets and implementing commercial strategies:

  • To conduct detailed route analysis with deep penetrating research into the potential market taking into consideration different segments required to Present and Identifying local, regional & international niche markets, potential Air Traffic Forecasting and to increase company revenue and load factor.


Aircraft Acquisition assistance for the purchase, dry lease, and ACMI:

  • Lion Aero Space International Corp is your perfect partner for sourcing aircraft on wet, damp or dry lease. If you are looking to purchase an aircraft outright, our aircraft leasing division offers a wide scope of options for customers looking for ACMI services and other forms of aircraft leasing. Our services include:


  • ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance)
  • Wet Lease
  • Damp Lease
  • Dry Lease


Aircraft Brokerage:

  •  Purchasing or leasing quality aircraft is a complicated, time-consuming process.  Doing it well requires having a lot of connections.  Lion Aerospace International Corp specializes in making connections, matching a buyer or leasees with the right aircraft in our vast network of contacts and information and in client relationships built on communication, understanding, mutual respect and service ethics.



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